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Clinical Benefits of Arts & Crafts

Emotional Benefits of Arts & Crafts

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“Art is restoration: the idea is to repair the damages that are inflicted in life, to make something that is fragmented – which is what fear and anxiety do to a person – into something whole.”

-Hellen Keller

AH&H Programs

Art leveraged with therapeutic engagement helps individuals heal and develop resilience. Using creative engagement as a means to process their conditions and the world around them, we help our participants explore a new world through three main programmatic components:
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Therapeutic Art

AHNH provides patient centered art therapy workshops facilitated by qualified facilitators within in-patient care facilities and treatment units. Workshops are supported through a growing referral network of local medical providers and take place in residential homes, clinics, and community centers.


Setting aside a few hours to stroll through a gallery, or to attend an art exhibit at a museum, has a proven link to good health and life satisfaction. Experiencing art can also help lower anxiety, alleviate depression, and improve critical thinking, delivering positive consequences with significant results for all of us. As such, AHNH provides a range of gallery exhibits featuring local and acclaimed artists. We host the exhibits in community centers, residential homes and clinics.

Health Awareness &
Education Fairs

Working to educate the public about certain chronic conditions (such as diabetes, HIV, Epilepsy, certain mood disorders, etc.) we partner with local community-based organizations and participate in health fairs in order to extend our reach. Additionally, we hold education workshops and seminars, promoting evidence-based data to include and support art as a part of the treatment modalities in the healthcare industry and its effects.

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