A Message From Our Founder - Art Health and Healing

A Message From Our Founder

As a young man I was fascinated with and inspired by art. For the past twenty years, collecting art has become my passion. I have approximately 278 paintings in my collection, which has been appraised at over $200,000. I have been fortunate to have been able to identify emerging artists and purchase their work before they became widely known. I still take pride in finding new, talented artists. As a collector, I have documented my paintings and created a database with artists’ statements, photographs, and anecdotes.

As a health care professional, I recognized the intrinsic power of art to heal and comfort. I founded Art Health & Healing (AHNH, which merges my professional discipline of health care with my love of art. I have a vision of bringing art into medical communities as part of the therapeutic and restorative process. AHNH is a non-profit, multi-dimensional, art-based program that will work in a variety of ways and on several fronts. It encompasses healing art workshops conducted at patient care facilities, as well as traveling wellness art fairs and exhibitions.

AHNH will provide patients with resources to lower anxiety, improve healing and recovery, and demonstrate the influence that art has on our restorative mechanisms. The organization will seek the support and participation of a wide spectrum of professionals including artists, art educators, students, gallery owners, and museum curators. These experts will interact with art therapists, psychologists, and medical professionals at all levels to bring the necessary components together, resulting in the greatest healing benefits available for the largest number of patients.

A book documenting and describing my art collection will be a significant factor in bringing my collection to the attention of a wider audience. It will also allow art collectors and art historians to become aware of a rich collection of emerging artists and their art. It is rare that a project can link two major goals: a greater appreciation of art and the power to heal.

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