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Art Health & Healing was founded by health care professional Paul Braswell in 2018. Paul has had a lifelong passion for art, which he has expressed through collecting a wide variety of art and hosting creative initiatives to increase access to the arts in the community.

At 49 years of age, he discovered he needed a kidney transplant. During his nine-year healing journey, he experienced first-hand that the powerful energy contained in art does indeed heal.

A Registered Nurse specializing in Perioperative Services since 1990, Paul is uniquely positioned to bring the arts into institutional settings to facilitate healing. He is now working with other health care professionals to transform their settings with hands-on arts education and exhibitions.

As Paul discovered, the arts can reawaken the feelings of happiness so often buried by serious life challenges. AH&H became a 501c3 nonprofit in 2019 to offer Paul’s experience to chronically ill patients.

– Paul W. Braswell, RN

Paul Braswell
McCrary, Elginia
Stevens, Tracey

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