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The Jar

At work today I was asked to present to my coworkers an idea that could benefit people who are feeling stressed or depressed. I responded by making a display with a jar for depositing messages of hope and encouragement. I presented the idea at a meeting today, and it felt strange. After my presentation, a few people challenged me about how I intend to fill the jar. As much as I felt embarrassed by presenting it, I am now proud of the idea. A steady stream of people came to me during the day and asked if they could deposit messages in it. 😳

My boss wants me to speak to the library director about my idea. She is going to ask me where I got the inspiration, and I am going to tell her that you helped me. I am going to tell the truth. I also wish to credit you in the campus paper. My boss, who loves the idea, rebranded it the “Positivity Jar.” 😂

To some of my colleagues, the jar was seen as a surprise and a threat. They automatically felt intimidated and obliged to contribute to the contents of the jar. I told them not to feel threatened because I am simply announcing the project.

To my pleasant surprise others felt compelled to add not only a brief message but folded pictures of baby animals and little candies as well.

The “Positivity Jar” was a product of your creativity and imagination, and you should be receiving the praise. When asked about the idea, I think back to your spark. It started with a lady who lived near the bridge where some poor soul committed suicide. She left sweet, loving, positive notes on the bridge. I have benefited from her example, since I too tried to commit suicide.

I hope to find an appropriate time in a speech to reveal my experience. I think everyone can benefit from the story and from the honesty, love, and support that it engenders. For the present, my jar is being filled by kind and generous colleagues. It is encouraging to know that we have created a positive force in people’s lives.

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